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I Will Fight For You!
Hello and welcome to Spiritual Curandero. My Curandero name is Yaotecatl which means "Warrior" in Náhuatl. A curandero is a Spiritual Healer that cures all ailments of the soul and the spirit along with the physical aspects of illness by use of herbs and traditional medicine. I have been practicing for 36 years and I am fourth generation spiritual healer from my ancestors. I created this website because life has led me repeatedly time and time again to my true calling which is this, helping others when every one else and everything else seems to have failed them. Regular city life has too many distractions for this type of work to be taken seriously so I put it off , and every time I end up with life re routing me to help others in serious need and feeling blessed every time my efforts payed off.

  I know there's people out there who take advantage of those in need and abuse of their situation and ask them for money and then more money etc. Unfortunately some "spiritual workers" often exploit upon the weak by deceiving them into believing that they are cursed etc etc and then scamming them into giving them exhorbitant amounts of money to "rid them of the curse."
Spiritual Curandero is a safe place created to help those within our reach. I Yeotecatl will defend you and fight for you.
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