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About Us
About Us

About Us

I am a fourth generation Curandero (SPIRITUAL HEALER) with 36 years of experience that uses proven traditional healing methods passed down through ancient practice along with a blend of Christian beliefs and practices. Prayer, herbs, oils, incense and candle ministry are used according to the petition requested. A strong and powerful spiritual intent makes our services a POWERFUL tool worth every penny.
 Spiritual work done by distance can be just as powerful as if done in person. A very strong connection is made with the name, birth date, and photograph of the person needing spiritual aid and results are often noticed within 3 days. An even stronger and more powerful connection can be made if a personal concern such as a hair of the person is provided by mail.
 I do NOT offer any services to inflict harm or do revenge work on anyone. I am offering my services ONLY for those in actual need.
 I spend time on every single case and put time and strong energy into my work, I do not just light a candle with your name on it and that is it. I visualize with intent and sometimes by force when there's cases with strong opposition sometimes spending days on a single case and working the right spell casting or even exorcism as needed.

Located in San Antonio, Texas 
In person appointments available if required. CALL :  210-847-0663
Yours truly,