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Road OpenerRoad OpenerFor creating a smooth road to achieve your instant desires and opening opportunities in life, work, love, money and good fortune. Specially useful when applying for new job, or searching for a new home, starting a business project etc.
 This powerful service is done by proxy and requires a recent photograph of yourself or the person that needs the service and the birth date.
Spiritual and Physical ProtectionSpiritual and Physical ProtectionIn times when you need protection from harm, enemies, envy, jealousy etc. Protection while traveling and around people you don't trust. To protect against accidents, theft, loss, sickness. To protect objects such as valuables, machinery, cars, etc. A very powerful invisible shield of protection is cast upon the person or object at request. This is usually much more effective if an uncrossing is done before-hand and then followed immediately by the protection to first cast out any negativity and them put up the shields for defense.
  This powerful service is done by proxy and a name, recent photograph and birth date is required for optimal success.