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In person Spiritual Deep Cleanse -REMOVE ALLIn person Spiritual Deep Cleanse -REMOVE ALLAn intense cleansing service that removes anything and everything. Roughly an hour of the most powerful Spiritual Cleansing available in the world. This is my specialty and works every time. Service requires lengthy preparation the day before cleansing is done. Must schedule service by phone 210-847-0663.
Spiritual Cleansing of Self and HomeSpiritual Cleansing of Self and HomeTo "whitten" your spirit and remove unwanted baggage from your past and for purification of spirit (self) or your home. To cleanse spaces occupied by negative people or tainted with traumatic experiences. Removal of spiritual and energetic leaches from past and present. To start fresh and remove sin.
  This powerful service is done by proxy and requires a recent photograph of yourself or the person that needs the service and the birth date.